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Had a spare few minutes

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Posted (edited)

It started with Ben and a great idea

Probably after a wine or a beer

He started a mag and a forum for all

That’s when it started and its been a ball


There was Mael, virt, grams and more

Since day one watching door

Keeping out spammers, wankers and bots

And more than a few, actually lots


Flouncys baby started to grow

Thousands of members we got to know

Some young, some old, some crazies too

But all entertaining for me and for you


Along with moz, chaos, morris and others

We had dads, mums, sisters and brothers

All types came to watch and learn

As atomic grew and and we all took a turn


To make the mag and site our own

We punched the keyboards or even our phones

The topics were wide and there were heaps

We laughed and joked, complained and we weeped


We saw people leave throwing ted out of bed

Only to come back and start a new thread

We have others that leave without a fuss

But always come back because they miss us


So although much quieter than we once knew

Atomic still lives because of people like you

Its still a place we all remember and love

It seems to fit us all like a glove


I’m proud to have been a part of this place

Its special, its different, it is in your face

It was there every time we wanted to vent

We wonder were the last 18 years went


Lots has changed but some stay the same

Still a place where you look for a name

Be it Leo or scruffy , rybags or nic

Every one here is here for the kicks


So please feel free to add your own verse

You can type it nicely or you can curse

Remembering your time with the laughs and the fears

The place called atomic that’s been here for years.

Edited by hulkster
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Nice work - thanks for the mention.

I'll probably be still here when I'm on the pension.

I sometimes find reason to go away

but the compulsion returns and I come back to play.

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Wouldn't be the same without hulkster doing his thang now and then

As long as we've got net connection and the money to pay for it 

I'll likely be here to read his future stuff

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spent some time on a forum or three

but atomic seems a natural home

so the others sorta drifted away

and i'll add a stanza to yer pome



thanks for making me skile hulks 🙂

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With laughter and tears and firmly felt rage

We watched all the script kiddies coming of age.

There might be less juvies coming to meet

'Cos now they're all old school, but still so damned leet 



I'm cringing at the term 'leet' in my old age

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