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Anyone know much about power conditioners?

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3 hours ago, stadl said:

An earthed appliance does not just mean an appliance with a metal case connected to earth. The protective earth may be present in an internal chassis or PCB - so long as an earth is present, these filters will offer their designed protection.


sure.  my confusion was the ambiguity of that device's pins, and wanting to be careful about the prospect of you unintentionally seeming to advocate for the disconnection of the TV's earth, in the event it was actually earthed.


@Kimmo, since "This shitbox thing isn't earthed" it must have a floating ground reference.  theres probably an inverter inside producing very high AC voltages with respect to the "0V" present at the fattest copper traces of the power board and ground plane. 


i have NFI what potential might exist between the TV's faux "0V" and earth, but connecting them together would be a very bad idea. 


"He died in his La-Z-Boy, Kentucky death-row inmate style, the over-ear headphones which had delivered the lethal shock from a faulty television set, now fused to the still smoking melted flesh of his face" :D

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So here's a wrinkle - the missus just switched on the bedroom light (I think I half-remembered turning on lights will do it, hence some reluctance to faff around checking different circuits - any circuit will do it), and the telly went blank for a few seconds, as it does, and then it did this other thing I didn't already mention, cause it never coincided before. INVALID FORMAT, it tells me, until I change inputs back and forth.


Yeah, that's a thing it sometimes does when  I turn it on. Sometimes it also does other crazy shit, like display blue as pink, or squash everything to the left while mucking up the colours and going fuzzy; presumably as a result of not recognising the input format... that's pretty rare, though.


Oh yeah, it also does this other thing, where it'll flicker, a bit like losing the V-hold on a CRT, where momentarily I'll see bits of the lower part of the frame in the top half of the screen. It just did that before, for the first time coinciding with going blank, making me wonder if it's part of the same problem...


I suppose this is what I get for paying $0.00004 a pixel.

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Sounds like a right shitbox TV.


Invalid format might be it thinking a video stream is something it can't handle, like e.g. the earliest digital gear only did SD and would whine about HD.  Then everything went HD compatible but it'd whine about H.264 which has been in use for probably 3-4 years now.

But generally a tuner when it suffers a glitch should recover within a few seconds, though some really nasty ones can actually lockup and need a powerdown to fix them.

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Kimmo your TV is infested with aliens

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Posted (edited)

I actually know a LOT about these things, because I used to sell (con?... nah a lot of it was real, but there certainly was SOME placebo...) 'Elitist HiFi gear'.

We're talking "If you don't have $30k, and you want a 2.0 stereo, you're in the wrong shop".


Anywho, the TLDR is that most of the power conditioners are bogus, but there ARE a few that actually do their thing.


There was this neat device that was basically a speaker, connected to an AC power plug, with a crossover set at 50~60hz (where our power is meant to be).

Anything outside of that, would work, well,  just like AC waves into a speaker do.

Loud, horrible, distorted buzzing.


It was actually interesting to me to be able to go to each of our different brand power boards and see which ones kept power\noise out of the circuit.

And while anything compact (class D) was pure placebo, and most Tube amps 'filter' themselves by design; 

some of those Class A\B amplifiers that run on direct AC voltage, did in fact care noticeably if the power was clean.



ANYWAY, about the only brand that cleaned it 100% was THOR.

Coincidentally, they made the speaker device also, but it certainly worked (I was able to find other boards that were also silent).


Out "Really good shit" used to run off of a PS20


But you do NOT want a $2k filter for a $500 TV now do ya 😛


The solution to our customers turning their noses up to that, was their passive range;


https://www.rio.com.au/product/b8f-power-board-thor/?adTribesID=24dbad984f963486b5916a99cbeadb57|adtribes|7149&utm_source=Google Shopping&utm_campaign=Google Shopping&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=7149&utm_content=HJFeed&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjK_Q55XH4wIVg4BwCh1QSwf0EAQYASABEgLoU_D_BwE


Those "Smart Filter" power boards were killer.

Silenced my little speaker tool, and took the "Max volume hum" out of the Class A\B amps.


Benefit of those power boards is that that usually filter COAX as well; so you can get SOME protection from indirect lightning strikes, and if things like light switches are killing the TV, it'll also filter any noise getting into the 'ground' of your house.




Worth a note; I get nothing out of this nowadays, and it wasn't that company whom I worked for (they've since closed down); so it's nothing but the fact that they gave me a tool to test them, and was impressed.

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