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Getting a recognised piece of paper for Microsoft Office

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Wasn't sure of precisely the correct spot for this question so if this is the wrong section plzmovemodskaythx 


So, long story short after 26 years doing the same job with absolutely nothing to show for it qualification wise, and after being butt fucked and demoted 2 years ago, enough is enough. I know nothing of the job market but I have to start somewhere.

I want to get a nationally recognised piece of paper that says I can do Microsoft Office products real good. Does anyone know of an RTA that does online training and assessment? I'm located in Perth and have easily googled these guys https://www.appliededucation.edu.au/ who offer a course for $495, but is there anywhere else that anyone knows of? My Google-Fu is poor.


Thank you for your consideration in this matter.


Many loves,

The Fragasaurus

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There is about a million RTOs that offer that stuff, but to my mind your better option is potentially TAFE/Uni.  Specifically online/Part-time/Night courses.


RTOs don't have the best name and as far as employers go, they still like higher ed quals.  There are adult/bridging courses you can do in IT land which will get you basic quals as well as higher level ones.








There are also the freebie type courses (some of which you can pay to get a certificate in)





If you don't like that route and really wanna go the RTO - here is the MS link for trainers they like.


Filter for Australia/WA/Perth and you should find a few.  It's a really crappy site tho.


Good Luck!

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