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USB dropping out with wheel

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Logitech momo steering wheel dropping out all the time?

I pulled my old very old Logitech Red momo steering wheel and pedals out the other day which I have not used for over 10 or more years.

But I have a problem they work fine then all of a sudden drop out nothing works and the only way to get them going again is to pull the USB plug out and put it back in again.

Things I have tried already

I reinstalled the drivers also found an old driver same thing happens. Maybe it’s just too old.

Have used different USB spots USB 2.0 USB 3.0

The wheel will stop even before I start a game sometimes or last for 20mins or more in-game so I think it’s not a software problem it's just like it loses its USB connection.

any idea?

Running on windows 7 64 bit and have downloaded the 64-bit drivers from Logitech

Shame because when its working it’s great.

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Looks like it was the power supply maybe. I swapped out the power supply and played yesterday for 5hrs so far all good.

Thanks for all the help.

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