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Mono, ram, cpu recommendations

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Hey guys,


About a half year ago I posted about upgrading my GPU in a old PC to a 2080ti. That worked out great as I snagged the 2080ti for around $1300 AUD in a Taiwan auction site (basically a Yahoo branded eBay - yep in Taiwan Yahoo is still big, and have their own auction bidding site which is massive here).


i am seeking recommendations for a brand new Mobo, CPU and Ram. Budget $1200-2000 AUD.

Goal is to be able to run games like Red Dead 2 , Cyberpunk when it’s released maxed at 2k to 4k with plenty of room for upgrading down the line.


currently in Red Dead 2 I get around 50-60fps for 2k settings with everything maxed less msaa and resolution scaling. If I budge a few things to high it gets a bit close to a stable 60fps. Other games like Witcher 3, GTAV and Metro Exodus can be maxed at 4k. 

the computer will be used professional use cases rendering in Rhino3D, and other CAD applications when I need to take work home. 


My current specs are very Frankenstein but fairly stable. It’s on 24/7.


CPU: i7 3770k OC 4.5ghz

HSF: Scythe Mugen Rev B 

Ram: various ram kits, differing brands adding to 24gbs 1600mhz

Mobo: Z77X-UD5H

GPU: 2080ti

PSU: Anted 850watt

Keyboard : Keykron k2 alluminium RGB (wireless)


HDD: 2x 1TB NVME with adapters to make them compatible with the old Mobo, 1x WD 1t black, and various other old hard drives .



I also like to play emulators like CEMU which is CPU intensive so lots of cores goes a long way.


i was thinking one of the new the new thread ripper announced from AMD. Mobo and ram not sure at all.


Thanks for the advice. 











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What happens if you drop RDR2 to 720p? as this will only lighten the load on the GPU further and have no effect on the CPU.

Even with a 9900K 2080Ti you will struggle to maintain 60FPS at 1080p in RDR2 it is just in bad need of optimization at this stage with the old 2600K performing better in minimum FPS than a 9700K.


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I just did a test :


2k with high to ultra settings getting 55-60fps in the first camp (think it’s called horse shoe camp).


720p same settings getting 77-80fps.


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So you are GPU limited to 55-60FPS and probably CPU limited to 77-80FPS so a CPU upgrade wont help in that section of the game at least unless you are playing 720p.

That is assuming the GPU is no longer running 95% load + at 720p.

Best you can do is overclock the GPU and wait for patches\driver updates.

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Ah, this is sound advice. Glad I didn’t drop more cash .


i am truly impressed how well this cpu holds up in 2019

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