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The old Atomic case Mod articles

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Hey guys, i was an avid reader back years ago when this magazine first started, and loved the case mod section, does anyone know if there is a still a forum that has these.

i own a computer business and am looking at posting custom computer mods on my facebook page, as WOW Wednesday.

any help would be awesome.

i may just have to go and pull my Atomic Magazines out of storage and see what we used to do, back in the day.



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If you're after general stuff, you'll find it on plenty of sites and forums.  If you're after stuff that was in the magazine specifically, it's going to be harder to find without the actual magazines (if you have them in storage, then awesome!).  There were some archived online at one point, probably the DJvu ones from the coverdisk, but they're not easy to track down.

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