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Searching for an old game

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Hi everyone! I'm searching for an old video game that i played in my childhood. I estimate the game released between 1995 and 2006 (graphic wise). I will describe the game as below.

If I remember correctly:
- PC game played on Windows
- It is a mix of RTS, FPS and 3rd person shooter.
- Mecha, robot, vehicular combat
- You are the only human on the planet
- You can mount / control the machines
- There are bases to create / manufacture units
- Modifiable units (change weapons, etc.)
- Range of units (Two legged mechs, Tanks, Aircraft)
- Each of units has three different sizes (Small: Red, Medium: Yellow/Orange, Large: Blue)
- The strength of units depend on the sizes: Large > Medium > Small
- But a small unit can conquer / capture bases because it fits to enter the small entrance of a building
- Campaign mode and custom game
- Lasers are likely the most powerful weapon in the game but it cost very much (Every units could equip them)
- Yes, it cost to build units
- We could mine power sources to make money in game which is used to build units
- There is a limit on how many units we could build (Larger units take the most of the population number)
- Units are modular (Example: Blowing up the leg causing it to be immobilized).

I've searched on the internet and i found two games which could describe the game.

1. MechWarrior 4: Vengeance, Year: 2000 (The lasers, the two legged mech, the health of units, the graphics, third person shooter, FPS)

2. Machines: Wired for War, Year: 1999 (RTS, building units, controllable units: FPS, have bases, but the camera view is a little bit different)

That is all that i can remember. Thank you for discussing about the game and let me know if you found the title. Sorry for my English. Have a nice day!

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3 hours ago, MonsieurEsquire said:

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance


I wouldn't have pegged that one from your description.  I never played 4, but the previous games in that series sure didn't have colour-coded unit sizes, and you were not the only human.  Unless 4 was a radical departure from form, and I understood it was basically more of the same with a graphics update, then I don't think that's the one you're thinking of.


I'm afraid I have nothing else to offer you.  Good luck on your search!

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1 hour ago, MonsieurEsquire said:

After hours of browsing, I've finally found it. It is also on STEAM! The title is Parkan: Iron Strategy. So how could i close this topic?




Just consider it done with. There's no formal system here.

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