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connecting two routers together

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Hi guys (and gals),


I am currently running an Asus WL600G and all is working well.


I have recently been given a Netgear WGR613VAL and want to know how to do the following.


My current setup is as follows:

WL600G is modem/router. It is wired thru the "smart wiring system".


What I plan to do:

1) Enable the Netgear router to be used as a standalone router (wired) and as an access point in the house?


I have disabled the DHCP on my netgear router, but I cannot access the router control panel (, but I can access my Asus modem with no worries (

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Presumably your PC(s) are getting handed IPs from the Asus router, thus getting 192.168.1.x addresses. This wil only allow them to see other hosts on 192.168.1.x on the internal network.


To access your Netgear, you're going to have to either manually configure a machine with a 192.168.61.x address (subnet mask or reset it to factory defaults via the magical button it's bound to have.


Then, as far as configuration goes, you've likely got a couple of options. I'm going to be making assumptions here, because I don't have first hand experience with either of these bits of hardware.


Option 1:

* Leave DSL router as is, assuming it's doing NAT and DHCP and all is working well when using this on its own.

* Configure the Netgear so it's got an IP within the same range I'd recommend or - use a subnet mask of

* Turn off DHCP (and NAT, if possible) on the Netgear.

* Connect Asus router to a LAN port (*NOT* the WAN port) on the Netgear

* Configure wireless related things on the Netgear

* Enjoy.


Option 2: (I'd consider this the more correct of the two)

* Configure your Asus DSL router to operate in "bridge mode". This will essentially turn it into a dumb ADSL modem.

* Connect bridged DSL router to WAN port on Netgear router.

* Configure Netgear router, telling it to do PPPoE for the device on the WAN port, providing your ISP login details so the Netgear can manage your connection for you.

* Make sure DHCP is turned on on the Netgear.

* Configure wireless to personal preferences

* Enjoy


Let us know how you go.

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thanks eckythump for your help!


your details made it a breeze for me to get started.


I choose option 1 for the following reasons:-


1) the netgear router only support WPA protection

2) not enough ports for me to use as a router for the whole home

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