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Anyone interested in being apart of my small team?

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Maybe instead of trying to do nine projects half assed you should do one project well. Here's an even better idea, forget about the website until you've at least started filming.


And the truth just keeps coming.


Index, so many people here are trying to help you. Listen to them.


unkind though it may seem, Index680i, i very much agree with Fazz - if for no other reason than it makes designing a decent ('sexy', i believe is what you wanted?), website just about impossible without solid content to work with.


look at it this way: the sexiest bra in the world is of very little interest if it hasn't got a pair of b00bies in it...



Fair enough, but what if we start off with something simple, just a simple layout with a menu and links and content for the site. Ok, fair enough about the actual projects itself so I might as well do that and have something to go on there as a introduction perhaps?

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ah :o) now we're starting got somewhere, albeit still extremely vaguely...


obviously, you have some form of artistic bent (or you'd never be wanting to involve yourself in film making to begin with), so - fire up photoshop/ms paint/whatever and throw together a few basic ideas of what you'd like to see it look like. after all, so far you're the only one here who has any concept of what the finished projects will look like, hence you're the only one who can decide on basic colours, fonts, etc. once you've achieved that, we can start trying to help with how to put it together (structure, menus, time frames, possible costs and so-on).

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Sometimes he jokes but he can be serious, if was joking he would of said, no I am not that interested actually when in fact he said, I am interested.

Wow, way to make me feel terrible guilty :P


But yeah, sorry Index, I was just mucking around. I do, of course, wish you the luck you need with the project though...



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I think you're better off buying a website template for $60 and customizing that, first you say you want to attract users with a nice looking website then you said you want it simple, so I have no idea what you need. I agree with the above statements, you may have the best looking website in the world but if there is little to no content, or the content is of poor quality you've completely wasted your time.


Wait until you actually have enough content to even think about a website, at this stage all you've done is some very very basic advertisements of what the movie could possibly be about.

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