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Php - dead-set, absolutely easy question

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I've decided to learn php, and i'm up to the conditional if statements. Never did programming before, and based on the advice of those that i've met, they've all recommended php. And so here we are.


I tried to write a conditional 'if' script. It works fine but i've defined a variable to carry a text string and i want the contents of that variable to be outputted. I'm using coda, which is for mac to preview the file.


Here's the code:


$name = "Mario";
$alpha = "what";

if ($name == "Mario") {

echo 'I am <i>$alpha<i>';



Help'll be much appreciated thanks.

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You need to use double quotes for that syntax:



echo "I am <i>$alpha<i>";


echo 'I am <i>$alpha<i>';



If you want to use singal quotes you need to do this:


echo 'I am <i>'.$alpha.'<i>';


Have fun!



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