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sli plus physx ?

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i am finally building my new rig.

coolermaster H.A.F

i7 920

6 gig ddr3 1600 g-skill 9-9-9-24

gigabyte x58-ud5 mobo

two gtx 260+ cards for sli.


the question, has anyone run sli + another card dedicated for physx ie 9500gt ?

i have only got my two video cards in so far and had too slot one in to my current rig.

whilst keeping one of my old 8800gt's in and after i installed my drivers the 8800gt automatically was assigned to physx.

now im not sure whether it was my new gpu giving me all the new horsepower or the combination of the two.

when i was running the two 8800gt's the physx was done bye them reducing the performance because before i installed the physx drivers i was getting alot higher fps.

farcry 2 was unplayable with a q6600@3.5 8 gig ram and 2 8800gt's

now changing from sli too one gtx260 for graphics and one 8800gt for physx i am running farcry 2 maxed with 8x aa, and it flies from 25-30fps with the 8800gt's to 55-65 fps with the gtx260+.

this poses the question will i be able too run sli as well as say a 9500gt for physx ?

my old system is sold so i cant keep the 8800gt's.

mirrors edge will support physx and i want the best gaming experience as well as being a lil future proof.

any thoughts ?

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I dunno, since the GTX260+ would to Physx better than any 9500GT (a crippled 9600GT) I can't see any advantage with the extra 9500GT.

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i am assembling my new rig on saterday at my shop so maybe i will run some benchies with and without the extra video card.

i can run a 9600gt if i want we have a variety of cards in stock..... maybe i will try a few combos of cards aswell as just the gtx260+'s in sli and post some results for you guys.

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sorry for the late reply guys my new board was d.o.a and i cant get a replacement until 14 jan 09.

so will update then.

Ow that sucks. D:

Good luck man.


Will await your benches.. pretty interesting read.

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I have found that Gigabyte's high ender's have a tendency to be D.O.A. As at the shop I work at, we've had to replace an X48 board 3 times till we got a working one.


Nice rig Akimbo, look forward to seeing pics and benchmark scores.

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