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X-540 HELP!

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Soundcard: gaytal1ty x-fi


When my computer was in the log-in phase of startup i decided to plug my speakers in, because i normally use my ATH-AD700's upon plugging them in, the speaker made a very strange noise and then the computer turned itself off.....my reaction was "wtf" but just continued and turned itback on again.


Then when i log in and run foobar2000, my sub wont work...so wmp and again no sub. Every speaker is working is except the sub, everything is plugged and the sub should work. but doesnot :(

Can anyone help me? ive googled this etc, no-one else seems to have my problem.


Im open to ideas and suggestions, please help :)!

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Firstly, what version of the drivers are you using?


What OS (incl version and Architecture)


What do your audio settings look like in the audio driver app?


Screenshots can help in some situations as not everyone knows what the layout for your driver is, but knows what has to be done.

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-Vista Home Premium 32bit

-Latest drivers for soundcard


My audio settings are 5.1speakers,crystal thing 100% and in entertainment mode. havent changed much scince i got it because it all worked wonderfully.


Im starting to think the sub is broken/faulty because all the other sat ones work however idont know if there is an unwritten rule about changing 3.5mm jacks when the computer is not logged in :S


Thanks for trying to help me, and sorry for not providing alot of information at the start, was shocked that it wasnt working and had to go out :)

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