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help with overclocking ram

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I have over clocked my system i have a foxconn black ops mb x48 e8500 cpu over clocked to 4.2gzh no prob water cooled. The problem i have is the ram it says its 1333mhz ddr3. it would only recognize it as 1066 i have manage to set the ram divider to 1:2.6 and i get 1184mhz ish out of the ram, Any higher and it wont boot If i set the divider 1:3 i get 1333mhz but wont boot How come i cant get the ram to 1333mhz all the ram timings are set to auto. I have tried increasing the voltage.


its crossair 1333mhz ram


Please help

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Increasing the voltage is good, but are you running it at what it's specified for?


Ive up the voltage i havent touched the timings i left them all on auto but it should run stock 1333mhz

have i just purchased crappy ram i paid about $115 for 2gb ???

I wanted to go faster but for the extra cash the performance gain sucked ass


what reason would it have gone to 1066mhz when i first installed it.???


so should i go through the timings and tweak? why cant i get 1333mhz with the timings on auto??

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Run CPUz and see what the SPD data says.


Good modules will have 2 or 3 sets of speeds/timings.


You might have more luck if you set the timings manually in the BIOS.


Or, you can leave them slack and use MemSet within Windows to alter them.

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Jeez, overclocking RAM and timings in BIOS for my setup = failcat ...


The only way I can really adjust the timings with my RAM overclocked is with memSet.


I think the RAM is fine, it might be the motherboard instead though (possible solution directed towards deuce_23 and myself :P). Well that is the punt I am taking because if anything the RAM seems to be fine in my opinion.


Would it be silly of me to ask if you have a spare set of DDR3 RAM on you or another DDR3 motherboard to test this :P

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