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Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter Security

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I know that the xbox360 wireless adapter can suport WPA and WEP(why bother with WEP???)security, but does anyone know if after the the recent update the console can support WPA-PSK2 security? I want to get a wireless adapter but want to have maximum security as well. My PS3 supports WPA-PSK2 just fine.


Or is there an alternative solution besides the Microsoft branded adapter? The price is a bit steep for what they offer.



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Yeah, $149 retail. What a joke !!


I got a Linksys WRT54GL router at home, I might flash that with the DDWRT firmware and I should be able to use that as a bridge to my router. Then it gets messy and clutered wth these devices all around the place, thats why the wireless adapter would be ideal if it supported the proper security and it was at the right price.

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