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Windows locks up on startup

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Got an interesting problem on a server computer my old man owns. He's being a real s..t about it.


Now, the computer goes the POST okay until it finishes the Windows XP Professional loading screen. It then has the blue background screen with the window in the middle 'Windows is starting up'. It just hangs there and won't continue, I've tried pushing keys and what not but it won't unfreeze it. The little 'sliding' graphic on the same window is still moving so the actual computer hasn't frozen. Just the OS.


I asked him why the computer was reset in the first place and then he says he can't remember what Microsoft updates he installed before the computer was reset. There wasn't any blackouts and there's no funny smell coming from the computer. I'm suspecting the HDD has failed perhaps.


Can anyone tell me how to get Windows into Safe mode during BIOS / POST? Or is there anything else I've missed?


Apart from giving the old man s..t about it, I prefer to just fix the damn thing and let life resume.

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I would first be trying a safe boot (F8 on boot) and if that works set up XP to clean boot, reboot and see if it works. If so start re-enabling things till the problem re-occurs and the last item enabled is the culprit.

How to clean boot XP


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