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A few projects Im interested in.

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Couple things Im interested in doing is mixing up my own light sensitive solution and coating glass plates with it (A4 glass plates ~$1 from the local $2 shop from picture frames).


Just would have to get my hands on a large format lens, that would be nice...




Also what would be nice is grinding one of those A4 sheets of glass, making my own A4 ground glass, and recycling an old scanner by putting a bellows over it instead of a lid and attaching a lens to project onto the ground glass, which the scanner should scan with no problem apart from ground glass grain (rather than projecting onto the sensor which would cause weird issues).


Would have to cut the power to the scanner light, and try to control exposure through apeture and neutral density.





Needs more thought, and more $.

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Did you ever manage to hack a lens onto a P&S in the end? :P

I forgot about that one!


I wonder if you can still get than $29 cameras i could use as proof of concept..

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