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16 Ohm in-ear headphones have hiss/popping noises

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Hi, I recently bought a pair of Denon AH-C551 in-ear headphones, they do sound good on my Macbook headphone output, but there is a noticable high frequency noise when no sound is playing, and when I take them to work and try to use them with my Dell workstation (on-board audio), the noise is much worse (popping sounds along with what seems like varying high frequency noise).


I have looked online and it seems that sound cards and mp3 players can have problems with low impedance headphones, the Denons have 16 ohm impedence (104db/mW sensitivity), and I notice that I can't hear the same noises with my Sennheiser HD500s, which are 32 ohm impedance (not sure what sensitivity though), the solution mentioned elsewhere has been to drive the headphones using a headphone amp (something about high input resistance to low output resistance), but I was wondering if, since the Dell's sound card is pretty crap, maybe I could get away with a decent external sound card, if the sound card can drive the 16 ohm headphones...


So I'm hoping some atomicans would have some advice, tips, recommendations etc on how to resolve this headphone noise issue?

I guess in the worst case I can try and get a replacement pair through the warranty...


If I had to go down the headphone amp route, I'd probably consider something from that Headphonic online store, I could build one from a kit etc, but I'm after something reasonably small in a durable enclosure...any suggestions or similar retailers would be appreciated



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i get this all the time when using my in-ears direct from my pc or laptop (ety er6i, ue sf5p and various others)


it is because they are really sensitive, so much so that they pick up all the noise and interference that the analogue waves are prone to while it is being outputted.


this is regardless of using onboard sound (hd audio on my 965p ds3p or my x-fi fatal1ty).


your best bet is to get a headphone amp which has a built in DAC with usb or digital(coax/optical) input.


in my experience this is by far the best solution to minimise noise and interference. however i would stray away from the on that Logicpr0be posted as that may have some noise too, but it'd probably have less than your pc directly.


i use a corda 2move headamp+dac while on the move and a beresford tc7510 at home and they are very good for the price. on the durability scale, the meier audio units such as my 2move are close to bulletproof if portability is important to you and sound terrific as well

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