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Samsung has used the Storage Visions 2009 show in Las Vegas to demonstrate an enterprise-level 2.5in 100GB solid state drive (SSD) designed to handle applications such as online order processing and video on demand.


The company touted the SS805's green credentials, claiming that it consumes 1.9W in active mode and 0.6W in idle mode. Typical hard disk drives consume between 8W and 15W in active mode and 1W to 2W in idle mode, according to Samsung.


The SSD also boasts a disaster recovery feature that preserves data in the event of a power outage.


"We have created a very reliable drive for datacentres with high-performance, high-endurance and sharply reduced power consumption requirements, plus tremendous long-term value when the total cost of ownership is analysed," said Jim Elliott, vice president for memory marketing at Samsung Semiconductor.


"Our new enterprise SSD offers chief information officers and IT managers the ability to greatly improve storage reliability and capacity, while avoiding costly power and AC infrastructure upgrades in datacentres at or near capacity."


The firm has not unveiled any pricing or release information, other than that the drives would be out this quarter.




In some cases, dropping the power usage by up to 13.1W whilst in active use...that's freakin brilliant!


I wonder how much they will be, given that the justification on their charges will be that the up front capital will offset power costs within X amount of months.



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I don't know how it compares in terms of energy consumption to other drives, but I'd like to know how it performs.


I wonder why the capacities of some models of SSDs are in "normal" rounded numbers while others seem to adhere to binary.

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nice, this will be the future of storage, wont be affordable for the home user for a while though

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