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Looking for help with a new build. (again)

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With the death of my monitor i have decided to give the rest of the system to my parents as a late christmas present. (i'll get them a cheap 19 or 22inch monitor)


As the computer was mainly a work system it isn't all that flash. However i now require a little more power from my work computer.

This means i am once again looking for a computer within the $2000 limit.


I have a keyboard, mouse, speakers and two 640gb hard drives i'm planning on keeping from the old system.


My work computer will be connected to a netgear wireless router (54mbps) and so needs a wireless card.


As well as work projects i will also be running vista 64 bit, playing the odd game or two, ripping dvds and converting them to avi files. (I copy all the dvds i buy onto the computer so i can convert them to be stored and played off the ps3 hard drive)


Monitor wise i would like a 22inch and was wondering if the LG W2252TQ is still considered a smart purchase. (I have one on the family computer and i think it is great) I wouldn't be against a 24inch screen, but from what i can see 22inch is the best buy for the price. The monitor needs to be included in the $2000 limit


I was thinking of getting a 4850 but i am open to suggestions for a better GPU.


As i live in perth it would be good if the system could be built by netplus. I am planning on getting 4gb kingston ram for $56 from netplus and have found their service to be much better than other local stores. Then again if another store has a better price i'd be willing to have a look. While i'd not be all that happy about it, i would consider buying from multiple stores and putting the system together myself if the savings would be worth the time and effort.


I think that covers everything, and i'd appreciate any advice that anyone could provide.




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This only comes to $1730. You could up grade to a 24" if you wanted with that price. Keep in mind postage will be around $80 to $100 road or $100 to $120 air. This price list was done at PC Case Gear. They are very compeditive and i have found customer serviece to be very good.


Posted Image


Hope this helps of gives you an idea. Focused on the GPU and RAM in this build as you said you worked with large files ie video encoding so a quad core was a must. The wireless thing is not included in that price. Im not sure what to look for in that area.



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