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[PS3] GTI Club+

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I finally got around to grabbing the demo of this classic 1996 arcade game.


Who remembers this game at the arcade?

It was all about the handbrake and the shortcuts. The cars were great because their small size meant they could slip into the alleyways and various shortcuts that the computer would often take.



GTi Club+ updates the graphics and sound, adding extras like customising the cars and PS3 eye support.


The demo brought back some great memories from the arcade. Controls are simple. L2 for Handbrake, R2 for accelerate. That's about all you need.


Maybe I was sitting too far away from the TV but I just don't feel right sitting on the couch with a controller in my hands. Visually it's a great watching everyone in HD. But without having the screen 2 feet infront, a steering wheel in your right hand, handbrake in your left and pedal to the floor, it's not the arcade version.

This might be time for me to invest in a G25 steering wheel. Too bad it doesn't have the handbrake.


The demo only has single player race - easy track which was fine with me since it's all I played at the arcade (unless I was at a supersession with friends, then it was all about Bombtag).

Looks like there's a free run mode - A welcome addition to help find those shortcuts at your own pace.



It brought back enough memories to make me pay AU$19.95

I'm currently downloading the full version.


I guess I'm getting this because I remembered how much fun the arcade game was, and it's about time they brought it onto a console.

I've already conviced workmates to get the game so we can get some multiplayer bombtag happening.

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For $20 I reckon it's a steal. Plus Sumo Digital handled the conversion, they who were also responsible for the brilliant home version of OutRun 2.

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Okay I've had a few goes at this game to get a better feel for it.


I like it. It's the game I remember but with sharper graphics. I still want to try it with a steering wheel, but I can live with using a control pad.



What I don't like:

* Bombtag HAS to be played with other people. No option for playing on your own against computer controlled cars :(

* No local multiplayer option that I can find. Looks like it has to be done online.





It's still worth the $20 I paid for an arcade game that I loved and is finally officially on a console, but there's a few more things I would have liked to have included.

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