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advice for getting a DS for travel

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i am going on holiday in a few weeks for about 6 weeks traveling across Asia, yay!


anyway, since my ipod is carking it and untrustworthy on the reliance factor, i'm thinking of getting a DS since i've kinda always wanted one.


firstly, would anyone recommend getting one for travel? to kill time on the plane, etc


and if so, what games should i look for? the kinda games i can put down easily, etc.

i like playing pretty much any type of game, puzzlers, rpg, rts, fps, etc....


any special deals going on atm?

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Nice find.


DS is tons of fun and great for travel, lots of fun little addictive games and great battery life for the long haul journeys.


An R4 cartridge is certainly a great asset too - got mine from gadgetgear.com.au.


The titles i've most enjoyed would be Zelda, Metal Slug, Metroid Pinball and a bunch of others that I cant quite recall as I haven't played mine in a little while.

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