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Real Time Strategy

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I only played COH in multi so I can't comment on the singleplayer. There was nothing as satisfying as seeing round after round bounce off the hull as my Tiger tank steamed forward. However if you have 3 of the buggers you can manouver them around to get flank shots and the damage a Tiger does in return is miniscule except for the lucky frag in one shot. Obviously this was an experience from ym days as I do not deny I love the heavy metal so I was always the panzer commander driving the armored spearheads. Eventually people would knock me out before I got my tanks out, or they found ways to bleed my armor with indirect ways as they knew they couldn't take me on tank for tank. This required further emphasis on combined arms attacks with infantry and snipers clearing away the AT guns. Then that was countered again but it always bled down to one big battle and then the mopup.


As for the Total War series they are as far as I know real strategy incarnate with real time for battles and turn based for the rest it is an excellent balance. However they are a little different in multiplayer. I consider them a differnt class of the RTS because of their mixed modes of gameplay. However that doesn't stop me playing Rome and Mideval II to this day while my preorder for Empire sits waiting.

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RTS games are my fave, fps second.



Supreme Commander is top of my list, especially linked to another pc with 1000 unit cap on 20k map, freakin A+


Rise Of Nations, now that was a good RTS, played through those missions twice.


I still play Age Of Empires II to this day, never stopped actually, the amount of my life I have spent playing this game would be obscene!!!!


Red Alert the original still holds many good memories, loved that music!


Starcraft, man I loved that game, have gone through the missions 4 times, I wished they had of continued that series more, loved it.


In a way I think RTS sort of lost it after they went 3d with the graphics, I feel that SupCom did a good job of overcoming that, but you need a decent pc to run it

thats for sure.


Probably why I still link up with others in age of empires 2, any pc can run it, and still looks good in 2d. Nice mix of resource collecting, building and fighting, priest that

convert others, that never gets old.

Age of empires 3 certainly lost the plot, you just cant build massive armies and have restrictions on the amount of certain buildings you can build, but still a nice looking rts.



But out of all the RTS games I would have to put Age Of Empires 2 at the top of my list for all time great.

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DoW seemed to me to be more like one of those games where u build a bit of this, a bit of that, mash all ur units into one big army and throw them at ur enemies base. Really boring if u ask me.


CoH did it for me, as did C&C: Generals, both games have provided some of the greatest lanning memories I have.

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