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water-cooling for HD 4870X2 cards

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G’day all,

The HD4870X2 has only just hit the market, and already things are hotting up in the quest to lower temperatures with a flood of water-cooling options (as well as bad puns) to choose from.

Below are two video tutorials on how to fit the Aqua Cooler and Koolancer waterblocks to an existing card; as well as announcements about a factory-fitted water cooler and other 3rd party coolers.




Go here Koolance corrosion to read about possible problems with Koolance waterblocks




The Radeon HD 4870X2 has been around for only one week and we can already spot some overclocked versions boasting water coolers or non-reference coolers. Diamond is among the first GPU integrators to come with a superclocked version of the fastest graphics card on the market.


The new HD 4870 X2 card coming from Diamond is, of course, water-cooled and will be branded as the Diamond Radeon HD 4870 X2 - XOC³ H2O edition. According to the press release, the card will be cooled by a Koolance branded water block. This version comes overclocked to 800MHz for each GPU, while the 2GB of GDDR5 memory are overclocked to 1,100MHz (4.4GHz effective). Although the size of the water block is pretty compact, this card is still a dual slot solution due to its back plate. However, it does look thinner than the reference design.


Diamond claims that the card can be further overclocked when connected to a high performance water-cooling system. As with previous Diamond cards, there is a special feature I the BIOS that unlocks the GPU to be overclocked at up to 990MHz and up to 1,200MHz for the memory.





CoolIT Systems Unveils Extreme Liquid Cooling Solution for ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 X2 Graphics Cards


CoolIT Systems, the leading innovator in liquid cooling technology, announces the Dual Drive Bay VGA Cooler designed to aggressively cool AMD’s new ATI Radeon™ HD 4870 X2 Graphics card. The unique form factor enables extreme computing performance for PC Enthusiasts and Gamers. In recent testing, the liquid cooled cards were stably clocked up to 880MHz (13.5% Increase) core clock speed and the GDDR5 memory pushed to 1GHz (11% increase).


"The liquid cooling technology that AMD co-developed with CoolIT provides superior cooling protection for users who want to operate their ATI Radeon graphics processors at high clock speeds for extended periods of time,” said Dr. Gamal Refai-Ahmed, AMD Fellow and Chief Thermal Architect, AMD Graphics Product Group. “By delivering an innovative, compelling solution inside a unique form factor, CoolIT helps enable ATI Radeon graphics processors to perform at high levels.”


Geoff Lyon, CEO of CoolIT Systems comments “As the technology continues to evolve in advanced GPU technology, the value of efficient liquid cooling translates directly to the performance gains demonstrated in our lab” He added, “We recently benchmarked this card using 3D Mark Vantage and increased the Graphics score from X7125 at stock settings to X8148 which represents a performance increase of well over 10%”


The Dual Drive Bay VGA Cooler for HD 4870 X2 ATI Radeon Graphics cards will be available in September from www.coolitsystems.com. Pricing is TBD.






Asetek cools Radeon HD 4870 X2 with water



Asetek takes no prisoners in its venture with the water cooling system LCLC. The system that is designed for OEM usage is constantly updated with new water blocks for new graphics cards and other components, and it comes as no surprise that Asetek has now unveiled a new model for AMD's performance king Radeon HD 4870 X2. With two powerful RV770 GPUs on a single PCB some additional cooling is always welcomed, and according to Asetek its new water block will lower temperatures by up to 28 degrees Celsius, while operating at a much lower noise level.

"Tests indicate that Asetek's highly integrated, liquid cooling solution lowers the GPU temperatures found on the 4870 X2 by as much as 28 degrees. This enables the cards to have optimum overclocking potential for the extreme applications, but to also run completely silent. Only the system heat exchanger fan that typically runs at a very quiet 30 dB(A)—equivalent to a loud whisper—can be heard."

You can count on OEMs to use these water blocks for water-cooling Radeon HD 4870 X2 in its enthusiast systems. If you want an LCLC system of your own, you will have to turn to one of Asetek's partners, e.g. NorthQ and its Siberian Tiger water cooling kit.




XSPC Razor 4870X2

Full Cover VGA Water-Block

Coming soon


Posted Image


- CNC machined from one piece of copper

- 1mm fins for high performance

- CNC Cut Acetal Top

- Prepared for Crossfire with 4 G1/4" Ports

- Supports ATI 4870X2 cards

(ATI Reference Design Only)

Supplied with mounting kit, thermal pads and thermal paste



link: http://www.xs-pc.co.uk/





CoolIt HD 4870X2 ‘Cold Plate’


CoolIt HD4870X2 'Cold Plate' cooler




Aquagratix water-cooler on a PowerColor HD 4870X2



AquagratiX water-cooler


This is the link to aqua-computer, who make the aquagratix waterblock Aqua-computer




Go here for some independant tests on water-cooling gear




The new Heatkiller waterblock from Germany - Heatkiller

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If this is to that fuckin retard who speaks like a nubcake, I'm seriously gonna go apeshit.

I agree, I tried to watch the review but it made my ears bleed. Plus, he didn't show up his statistics properly. I couldn't see the readings on the high-quality option.

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Jesus, I laughed so hard at this dude's voice. His British/Irish accent is amazingly strong, I think it's more British. Yes you can't see the stats very well, you need to watch it in High Quality and you have to listen to his sarcastic drone - he tells you the stats etc.

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