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'Otherland' MMORPEG in the works

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At Last It Can Be Told


Tad’s in Singapore for a marketing event – this is She Who Illuminates All (including her own lack of modesty) writing.


We’ve had to remain zipped for a while on a matter of some excitement in our household (especially to the 12 and 8 year old wannabe beta-testers) – OTHERLAND IS BEING TURNED INTO AN MMORPG. For all who have read Tad’s masterwork, it’s kinda obvious, huh. Fortunately it seemed that way, too, to the German company DTP, when they were looking for a flagship product 2 or 3 years back. The CEO had read and loved Otherland, and that started things tumbling.


A second company has been formed specifically to make the game, that company being RealU, based in Singapore. When Tad was there last year, he came back incredibly excited about the quality of the work that was being done.


Anyway, what’s happening this trip is, the game is being announced to gaming journos and pros from around the world, and they’ve been invited to Singapore prior to a big gaming convention that’s happening next weekend in Japan. Tad is going to email me whatever he can, and it’ll be going up on the site in the next few.


The release date for the Otherland game is likely to be early 2010. There are a lot of people working on it, and some incredible creativity being unleashed. Tad is working too hard to stop and blog, therefore, I’m transcribing our phone conversations, and here is the start of a TadJournal whilst he’s over there.


Monday night (Singapore time) he had dinner with Andrew, the master game designer heading up the project, Tomas, the CFO of DTP, and Nils, who is handling the publicity (he’s from a company called Indigo Pearl.) Mostly Tad heard about the schedule for this week – it’s Wednesday and Thursday when most of the promo happens. Tuesday, Tad’s at the RealU office.


They ate at an Italian place on Orchard Road (which is the Broadway, or Rodeo Drive – perhaps a mix of the two – of Singapore.) Afterwards, Tad and Niels walked back to the hotel and got slightly lost. Singapore at night – warm and slightly muggy – people everywhere, just like being in New York. Orchard Road is a funny blend of super-high-end stores, and vertical discount malls. Tad got a sudden inspiration for a story he’s writing for a Gardener Dozois anthology, the theme of which is dragons… He’d been reading a biography of the Beatles that I bought him, and was reminded of the sort of stuff John Lennon used to write – books like A Spaniard In The Works – lots of funny word play. He wrote 6 or 7 pages of a story he’s calling A Stark And Wormy Knight – it’s told from the dragon’s point of view.


More very soon…

I know there are a few people around here who really like Otherland and who like MMORPEGs so there ya go.



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pfft, it's not actually going to be Otherland...


still, might be bored of EVE by then, something to look forward to.

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