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Need help in cooling my CPU and GPU

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Hi All


I've got an intel i7 with the heat sink and fan that came with it... But it still seems to be running at around 50 degres on idle.

Also my GPU HD4870 is generating alot of heat. the fans seem to be always running extremely fast. I thought 2 x 12cm fans could help pull the heat eout of the case?


are water cooling solutiomns really that good:?

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No water, its a lot of hastle and a lot of money.


fans are better blowing IN. cases arent air tight, hot air will escape form all the gaps in the case, keeping dust out of the cracks too. Having them 'blowing out' means every crack in the case is sucking in drawing dust in.

Though if one is on the front and one on the back, feel free to make a 'wind tunnel'


that GPU will run hot, almost all modern ones do. you can underclock\undervolt it while not gaming using something like ATITool, but its likely the stock cooler is only JUST adequate, google around for an aftermarket cooler thats suited and more efficient.


As for the CPU, those temps are normal too, you just have NO room for overclocks.


If you have a cooling budget, we can try and set you up with some recommendations.

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