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Weird Sound issue

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I have the following components.


1 x Logitech Z5500D


1 x Gigabyte P45 DS4P Motherboard with onboard HD Audio yada yada yada.


When I hook the speakers up via analogue, and set the HD Audio Prefs to 5.1 channel surround sound and run the test no sound comes from my Rear Speakers


When I do the above but set the Prefs to 8 Channel surround sound, the rear speakers work when I run the sound test!




Please note:


1) I realise that music is often Stereo (hence no 5.1 output)

2) I realise some DVD's are not 5.1 (hence not always 5.1 output)

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Try going into Realtek sound manager and ticking "Speaker Fill" in the options.


You are on the right track with the source only been 2 channel. Next load up some codecs (ffdshow) and play back a DTS Dvd.


Pick jaw up off the ground and continue....

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