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could someone with a dell 2408wfp ultrasharp help me out?

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i'm looking very seriously at getting one, but the physical size could possibly be an issue...


what i'd like to know, is when the 2408wfp is sitting down as low as it can go on it's stand, how far off the desk is it?


my current screen is a philiips 200wb (1680 x 1050), and with it sitting as low as it'll go, veiwing the top of the screen is almost at the limits of my neck movement (i've got 4 vertebrae fused in my neck, so tilting it is an extremely limited action). also, my desk is custom built to suit my wheelchair, so i can't alter the height there, either.




if only the dell was 1920 x 1080 instead of 1200, it wouldn't be a problem :o)




edit- bah, never mind. i just found what i wanted to know on dell's site. i must've overlooked it before.


/feels rather foolish

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Dude, I gotta give you an A+ for effort, and another A for being nice, but, Im afraid Im gonna have to give you an F for reading :P

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