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Decent Digital Voice Recorder

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Could I get some suggestions for a decent Digital Voice recorder.

This year I would like to record my lectures at University.

I have been thinking about getting the Sony ICDB600 512MB Digital Voice Recorder at Office works for $82. All I want to do is record the lecture and be able to store on my computer.


Would you be able to suggest a decent Digital Voice Recorder that I can be plug into the computer. I am aware the model I said doesn't do this.

I am looking at about the $100 mark.

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I've used an Olympus one that I borrowed off my mother, it works a treat.


Officeworks have an Olympus VN-5500 for $99.

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I find my laptop works best as a voice recorder. We bought a Casio DV-01 voice recorder back in 2003. This thing records at a sample rate of 8Kbps, using 4-bit ADPCM.


What I found, is that the thing works well for close-up recordings, but in the distance, the lack of bandwidth and grainy sampling, meant the recordings were difficult to understand at times.


Now I just use arecord (ALSA utility) recording at 48kHz 16-bit mono, then post-process in Audacity. Why 48kHz? Well, the ADC in the USB headset I use only does 11.025kHz or 48kHz, so I take the higher one, then resample later. Post processing for me is:


  • Import the audio fragments (I don't record the breaks in lectures) into Audacity
  • Resample each fragment to 16kHz
  • Apply leveller; -80dB noise floor, heavy levelling.
  • Apply dynamic range compression; 3.5:1 ratio, 0.3 second attack, -15dB threshold
  • Export as a single mono audio file, 16kHz, 16-bit linear PCM.
  • Encode on the command line using speexenc --vbr --dtx

The settings are off the top of my head... and may require some tinkering for your application. You may choose to use different codecs... and perhaps use Audacity to capture directly (my PII laptop is a bit slow to do this reliably). I find this gives quite good and clear results, when the source is some distance away from the microphone.


Even if you get a good voice recorder, the above tips may be helpful in fine-tuning your recordings for maximum intelligibility.

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I just baught a Sony ICD-P620 for $149.00 at Tandy it has a usb connection and some software so you can edit on your PC and is compatible with Dragon Naturally Speaking I have not used it yet I bought it based on the specs, some reviews and that I could DL the recordings to my PC .


But the software is not 64bit OS compatible I am running Vista 32bit on my lappy so its not an issue for me.


I am going to attempt to record the intercom chatter during trike flying so I can add it to some of the vid clips.









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