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Vodafone and 3 Australia to Merge

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Three's network identifies as Telstra. If you have a mobile broadband card, fire up a serial terminal (minicom in my case) and query the current network operator:

+COPS: 0,0,"3TELSTRA",2
This is not while roaming, the 3 software identifies the network as 3.


To see all available networks (this may take 10-20 seconds to return a value) use:

+COPS: (2,"3TELSTRA","3TELSTRA","50506",2),(3,"YES OPTUS"."Optus","50502",2),(3,"vodafone AU","voda AU","50503",2),,...
(the end of the line has been trimmed)

Basically my only network is "3". The first value of 3 in the Optus and Vodafone tuples marks them as prohibited networks (ie I've told my modem not to use them).

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I wish people would back stuff up with links so I don't have to find them myself :P


That article says that 3GIS manages and owns the infrastructure as a part of the partnership. Who owned it before?




Basically, look at the current Vodafone maps and everywhere will be HSDPA, with the added bonus of the lower frequency expanding some rural coverage.

What modem do you currently have? If it's the E220 USB modem then take it back to where you got it from with a "fault" and get it swapped for the new one. They have a 24m warranty and I've replaced several of the older ones for the newer style.

Yeah, it's one of the older E220 modems. Where do I take it back to and anything in particular I should be faulting it with? :D

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